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Audition Packet

Lion King Auditions
This spring, Rees will be putting on the musical The Lion King Kids. I am so excited to see our amazing students show off their musical theater abilities in this incredible show.
If you are interested in auditioning for this show, here is the information you will need.
Our musical will be performed on May 2nd and 3rd with an afternoon show on May 2nd.  
This show will provide a great opportunity to develop the talent of our Rees Eagles, but
it is a big undertaking. I need to know that the students who choose to participate will be
able to commit fully to give it the time and attention it requires. It is extremely difficult to
learn a scene, song, or choreography when actors are missing from rehearsals. If you audition and make the show, please do your best to be at each rehearsal.

Please fill out the attached audition form accurately. Each student auditioning should fill out a separate form. Auditions will be held right after school on Tuesday, January 8th and Wednesday, January 9th, with callbacks on Thursday, January 10th (if necessary). Callbacks are only for roles that are still in question. Those not called back may already be cast!
How to Audition
1.    Be in 3-6th grade
2.    Sign up for a time to audition (go to or )
3.     Fill out the audition form
4.     Prepare 1 to 1:30 minutes of a song of your choice to showcase your voice. I want to hear your awesome singing voice, so pick a song that will show me your talent! If you want to have music in the background, please use the accompaniment track (without the singer) so I can hear YOU. Or feel free to sing it acapella (without music in the background). We will have speakers available for accompaniment tracks.
5.    Come in on your audition day with your form filled out, ready to sing. We will have you read a small part of the show as well. If you know what character you would like to play, practice those lines at home before your audition. We will ask which part you would like to read for when you come in.

The casting process is always a difficult one, but I will do my best to cast each part with an individual who will help our musical SOAR. No matter what role you receive, you should be extremely proud of your audition. It’s hard to sing and act in front of people!

Unfortunately, not everyone who auditions will receive a role, but those who don’t should consider joining the backstage crew. I want to emphasize how important and vital to the show each and every cast and crew member is. No matter what role you are cast in or what part of the stage crew you take part in, I know that you are going to have a great time working on this production and will soar both as a performer and as a person.

After the casting process ends, I will need you to help me maintain a spirit of teamwork, encouragement, and humility at our rehearsals. Perhaps you didn’t get the role that you wanted. You now have a job to do: have a good attitude and support the other members of the cast. Perhaps you did get the role that you wanted. You also have a job to do: be kind to everyone around you and make everyone feel important and included. Musical theater requires a lot of team work, and our show will be successful if we all aim high together and support each other. Rees Eagles SOAR!

We will have rehearsals for everyone on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons, from 3:20-4:30. We will also have some rehearsals to learn and practice music on Thursday mornings before school from 8:15-8:45. These rehearsals will be only for the individuals in that song. Please try your best to be at all rehearsals you are scheduled for. If you know of a conflict, please write it on your audition form so I can adjust our schedule if needed.

Tech Week:
The week of our performance is called “Tech Week.” It is when we will run through our entire show with costumes, sets, mics, music, lights, the works. All members of the cast and crew need to be at every rehearsal that week. These rehearsals usually run a bit later, with everyone getting in costumes and mics on before we start. We will have run-throughs Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, dress rehearsal Thursday, and perform on Friday. We will also have a school performance that week as well. 

Parent Meeting: After the show is cast, we will have a parent night on Monday, January 14th. Please include anything you would be interested in helping with on the audition form and I will share more information at the meeting! Thank you!

I am so excited to work on this show!
Miss Wilzbach

Character Breakdown
In Disney’s The Lion King Kids, a village is telling the story of Simba and his journey. We will bring the story to life using props and costumes, as well as with our acting and singing. Each character in The Lion King Kids has a unique personality, sense of humor, and rightful place in the circle of life.

Rafiki’s: (male or female)
There will be 5 actors who will play the roles of Rafiki. They work together to narrate the story. Rafiki is a wise mandrill who guides Simba on his journey home. They are key to the storytelling of The Lion King.

Mufasa: (male)
Mufasa is Simba’s father and the king of the Pridelands. He will need to show his strength as well as his compassion with his son, Simba.

Sarabi: (female)
Sarabi is Mufasa’s mate and Simba’s mother. She tries to help lead the lions when Simba is away.

Zazu: (male or female)
Zazu is the king’s assistant. He/She is very anxious and is always trying to do what he/she is told.

Scar: (male)
Scar is the antagonist of our show (the villain). He is jealous of his brother, Mufasa and his nephew, Simba. He is sarcastic and wickedly intelligent, using the hyenas to take over the Pridelands with an evil plan.

Young Simba: (male)
At the beginning of the show, Simba is an adventurous and loveable cub who can’t wait to be king of the Pridelands. After his father’s death he struggles with shame and his destiny.

Simba: (male)
Simba grows from a cub to a lion in “Hakuna Matata”. He is powerful and goes through a big change as he reunites with his friend Nala, and returns to the Pridelands to take his place as the rightful king.

Young Nala: (female)
Nala is Simba’s courageous best friend. She is not afraid to speak her mind and is always confident.

Nala: (female)
Nala grows from a cub to lion just like Simba. She is brave enough to confront Scar and find Simba to bring him back to the Pridelands.

Timon: (male or female)
Timon is an outcast meerkat who lives in the jungle with Pumbaa. He/She is terribly afraid of everything, but pretends to be the confident, relaxed leader of the duo. He/She is energetic and funny.

Pumbaa: (male or female)
Pumbaa is a kind hearted, sensitive warthog who enjoys his simple life of grubs and relaxation. He/She is one of the funniest characters of the show.

Banzi, Shenzi, and Ed: (male or female)
These 3 hyenas help Scar in his evil plot to take over the Pridelands. They are very funny and also scary at times.

Villagers/ hyenas: (male or female)
The chorus is incredibly important to help tell the story and make the show flow. There will be many individuals in the chorus that may play 2-3 roles depending on the scene.

Audition Form The Lion King Kids

General Information: Name:____________________________                           Grade: ________
Parent Email: _______________________                           Teacher: _____________
Voice part:                    Soprano (high)          Alto (low)
Any dance experience? If yes, please describe: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Any theater experience? If yes, please describe: ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Are you comfortable with memorizing songs and lines?   Yes               No
I’m interested in:
___ A large role, with singing, acting, and dancing
___ A supporting role
___ a villager/ chorus
___ Stage Crew (lights, music, sets, etc.)
Any schedule conflicts:
Parents: I am willing to help with
Directing         dancing               music         costumes     sets           backstage
I understand that if I am cast in The Lion King Kids, I am expected to be at rehearsals and memorize my songs and lines. I will be a helpful cast/ crew member and serve and support the other members of the show. I will participate and always aim high and achieve. I will be respectful to the adults helping with the show, and the other members of the cast/ crew. I understand if I am not following expectations, I may be asked to leave rehearsal. If this happens more than 3 times, I will not be able to continue being a part of the show.   I will SOAR.
Student Name (printed) _____________________        Student Signature:_______________________
Parent name (printed) ______________________  Parent Signature: _______________________

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